t-one 48" x 104"

A contemporary collection with extremely versatile textures with a marble, stone and wood effect, capable of offering countless solutions and combinations that integrate perfectly with the latest generation design trends in architecture and interior design.
A single material to cover all surfaces: floors, walls and furnishing objects, with solutions of visual continuity between the various spaces and accessories.
Specially designed to reduce waste to a minimum, of a suitable size that allows the use of whole slabs thus facilitating installation operations.T-One is the result of an advanced technology with which the precious raw materials are pressed with a force of 15,000 tons, cooked at temperatures above 1200 ° C and subjected to trimming and cutting that guarantee maximum precision.
Perfectly flat, light and flexible sheets with very high chemical and physical resistance and color properties that remain unalterable over time.

This kind of technology gives to the surfaces tridimensional effects, thanks to various thicknesses used to highlight the decorations.